New Year Greetings and Apology

Happy new year everyone, today is the last day of 2011 and we will met with 2012 in just few hours. What's your plan for new year eve? xD

Sadly we have bad news today, monthly comic release for December got delayed until 5th January 2012 due some problems occurred. We're really sorry for this, but we really hope you still continue to support us and this incident won't happen in the future. >_<

We also would like to thank all of you for all your support this year and we would like you to keep with us for the next year and after. SP Studio will do all their best to brought you our best works. ^_^

That's all being said, Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy the holiday :D


[November Comic] Letter for Today

November Comic Issue - Letter for Today
A Postman short story

Western style comic, read from right to left.
download links: http://www.mediafire.com/?t549ljnayck30ju
read online : http://komikoo.com/komik/letter-today

From now on, this blog will only post SP-Studio comic release and will be the first one posted new release post before other sites, unless there's special circumstances. Please visit our DA and Pixiv page if you want to see our gallery.

Please enjoy and thank you ^^


[Blazblue Doujinshi] Happy birthday, my dear

SP-Studio first release that doesnt involve editors and other team members in its production. This is lion own fetish so he feel a bit shy to contact other staff hohoho. xD

I'm not explaining too much about blazblue and their story, this comic simply to satisfy my own "lust", so forgive me if you feel a bit confuse when read this comic. This comic is best when you have knowledge about Blazblue and or Rachel - Ragna shipper. Other than that I cant guarantee you will enjoy this comic

read online here : http://komikoo.com/komik/blazblue-doujinshi-happy-birthday-my-dear


Morning at Kourindou

Put all my last few days practice into this one, I think I'm doing good. Just a few details in Rinnosuke clothes that I miss, other than that I'm quite satisfied with the result.

Also my first attempt drawing an ... err ... ecchi scene ?
lol need more practice with details, colors and anatomy, well this is a good experience.

Featuring Kirisame Marisa and Morichika Rinnosuke, or short MariRin. Well, I'm a straight-pairing fan, so you wont get any touhou yuri from me xD

Morning at Kourindou start with capturing helpless witch-thief and make a love contract with her ROFL


Shrine Maiden of Illusion

Practice new drawing style and I like it, guess I will stick with this style and improve it to my best liking. The color still need more practice though, and I a bit messed up with Sanae's hair color ...

Well, I think overall they aren't that bad. I like how they turn out from my sketch ♥

Almost forgot, they are Sanae Kochiya the wind priestess and Reimu Hakurei the shrine maiden of paradise, from Touhou Project game.


Sleep in Blue

Doodle from Yumekui Merry manga and anime, part of my art trade with my friend, andrew tachibana xD

Using same drawing method with Elyssia Blackfang with a little experiment. Not that good but not that bad either :D


Letter for Today promo pic

1 and half hour doodle, pardon the poor quality, though I'm quite satisfied with the result xD

This is promotional poster for SP-Studio september comic issue, hope I can meet the deadline. Well then, until the manga released~


For Indonesian Comic

Hi there, we need some help to keep Indonesian comic growing and exist better than before.
Vote Komikoo.com at http://www.ciptamedia.org/2011/09/07/komikoo-com/

Its simple, just go to the link above and click PILIH button on the upper-left side.
For Indonesian comic, for orisinality. Thank you very much!

Desert Rainbow Chapter 3 promotional poster

Title said it all, promo pic for my manga, Desert Rainbow chapter 3 : Unforgotten Memories ... coming ... god only know when. xP

Its been awhile since I draw Cleo, and I really miss her. Also my first attempt drawing a burning fire, good experience. Oh well, enjoy this little spoiler xD


Fitrah Doodle

A Character from our (plan) new short comic.

Just want to make a rough sketch yet I ended coloring her, well for experiment this isn’t so bad. Btw this picture inspired by a comic artist named K. Jati and Dewi Dedew Rieka.


Elyssia Blackfang

A drawing request from my editor, Aurora Harbinger Fang. She asked me to draw some moe girl with Barret M95, a bullpup-bolt action variant from Barret sniper rifle, and there she is.

Mess up with the rifle, background and anatomy ... sorry for that fang xD
She is Ellysia Blackfang aka the Harbinger 2nd Wing, an original character from fang's story.

Somehow I managed to finish her pretty quick, 1 day less in total. Well, now back to other project.


Behind the Flower

Hello, Lion here~

Today I brought you new short comic from SP Studio, Behind the Flower.
A little short story about family, read here : http://komikoo.com/komik/keluarga-behind-flower

I will kindly wait for your critique and comments. Thank you ^^


Everday at Saptra Studio

Quite exaggerate, but this is SP studio actual condition xD
After Cryptanth left the lion, his job became harder.

I guess its a little hard for a mangaka that also an Internet cafe operator and also an electric payment operator and also a landlord and also small shop owner and a cats-thief owner on top of it ... *whattheheck?!*
Really busy to the point that all the lion want right now is sleep, but he just cant lol.

So right now we'd like to announcement our failure to meet Red Sky deadlines that should be the end of this month, May 2011. We really regret this situation but just can't help it since the lion too tired to do the job alone.

We will try to finish the manga as soon as possible, but for awhile, we won't put the exact time for anything. Hope you can understand, and we're really sorry.



Little art update from Cryptanth~
Even though she's busy, she still manage to create more and more works. Stick with our updates as we planned to release more awesome works in future.

Moriya Suwako from Touhou, please enjoy :D


We are very sorry

Aine apologize

We have received lots of mails and questions asking when we will continue our manga projects, or if we are dead, gone, disappear etc etc. Then I think its the right time to confirm our status.

First, we'd like to express our apologize towards our readers, especially Desert Rainbow series fans, that have been waiting more than 4 months for new updates. We don't have any excuse to justify our mistakes, we are really sorry.

Due some circumstances, we doing things slowly and some of you may notice in last post I said that one of our main artist away for a while. But we surely continue with our Desert Rainbow projects and will release more great comic in the future. So I hope you can be patient and stay with us.

Our schedule for now is released Red Sky in May. I hope everything doing good and so we can release it right on schedule.

SP Studio always try to give our readers the best we could, so any comments and critiques always help make us better. Thank you very much.


My Beautiful Star

Two new picture from bram_history aka the Lion ♥

On side note, one of our artist will be hiatus for a while. cryptanth it is.
Currently she got a works, so she won’t be able to post new picture too often. This also indicate postponement for her comic project, Hidden Flower.

But don’t worry, she will definitely complete it. For now, just stick with the Lion okay? xD

Warmth of You and My Beautiful Star . Characters from Touhou Project.
Please enjoy.

Alice and Rinnosuke

Marisa and Rinnosuke


Wish upon a star

Marisa and Kourin Star

Quick doodle from one of our artist, the Lion Bram_history’s favorite Touhou pairing, Maririn. an experiment, but it turns quite nice lol
and I wish upon a star that my comic will be done as soon as possible *,*


Goodbye Winter

A picture from one of our artist, Cryptanth.
We welcome Spring. :D

Cirno and Letty

Letty Whiterock & Cirno
Touhou © ZUN Team Shanghai Alice, All Right Reserved


Global Earth Hour

Support Earth Hour

March 26 2011, 8.30 PM.
Support Earth Hour, Support Our Earth.

Turning off your lights for only 1 hour, and you already make a big difference. Visit their website : http://www.earthhour.org/Homepage.aspx

Save the world now.


Support for Japan

Pray for Japan Poster

Its a bit late, but we would like to express our concern with recent Japanese tsunami and Earthquake.

True that the disaster has passed, but Japan still need help to recover the damage and not to forget about nuclear crisis that happen now.
Thus we call for everyone to contribute with everything you can.

You can try donate through your national Red Cross/Cresent society or if you want to donate directly to Japanese Red Cross, you might want to check this page :

Even a single cent very significant.

Japan Support Relief Poster