Everday at Saptra Studio

Quite exaggerate, but this is SP studio actual condition xD
After Cryptanth left the lion, his job became harder.

I guess its a little hard for a mangaka that also an Internet cafe operator and also an electric payment operator and also a landlord and also small shop owner and a cats-thief owner on top of it ... *whattheheck?!*
Really busy to the point that all the lion want right now is sleep, but he just cant lol.

So right now we'd like to announcement our failure to meet Red Sky deadlines that should be the end of this month, May 2011. We really regret this situation but just can't help it since the lion too tired to do the job alone.

We will try to finish the manga as soon as possible, but for awhile, we won't put the exact time for anything. Hope you can understand, and we're really sorry.

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