Red Sky

Third title from Desert Rainbow series also another side story after Hidden Flower, Red Sky. Still unreleased yet, so we can't give any picture of it but we hope to released it at least in May ^^

Red Sky story is taken when the war in Novus Galaxy only involving Accretians and Coralians while Bellatian stand neutral, it also the time when Bellato empire provide both side with mercenary to win the battle across Novus Galaxy.

All mercenaries that going to war always greeted as Hero when they came back, but did those people knows what hidden beneath the mighty Hero title?
Met with 11th Mercenary Platoon, one of countless Bellato mercenary platoon, and discover the true face of soldiers under their hero mask.

Their laugh, their tears, their anger, their smile, their glory and also their hope. Horrible or not, that's their true self.