About the Authors

Saptra Studio is a branch division of Sapta Putra Group which consist of Art and Design works. Here you can found some of the works produced by our contributors mainly in manga/comics arts.

Our members consist of 2 main artist and 2 main editors, 4 in total. They are :
- Cryptanth
An artist with great sense of art, she's the perpetrator behind Saptra Studio awesome arts! (lol)
She also the main artist for "Hidden Flower", a fan comic based on RF Online game. But she currently in hiatus state due some works, but she will came back and bring us more awesome picture in the future. Don't miss it.

You can visit her gallery in,

- Bram_history
Another main artist of Saptra Studio and often called "Lion" by his fellow friends.
Main artist for "Desert Rainbow" and "Red Sky", also a fan comic based on RF Online game, and create story for "Hidden Flower" as well most Saptra Studio's Comics.
Expect him for release more comics next!

You can visit his gallery in,

- Raven
Our first editor and often called "teteh" by the rest of SP Studio members due her mature and kind attitude xD
She is the one that checked and corrected dialogues and grammars inside a comic so the readers can catch the story easily. Even though she's busy with her thesis, but she spent her time working with us! Goodluck teteh! *A*/

- Aurora Fang
Our second editor after Raven and an avid military addict.
Her main task is checking how the story goes while she also provide the artist with a lot of references, mainly with military stuff. Often describe as psycho editor who likes to torture a lion whenever he miss the deadlines, but still gives full support to us nevertheless xD

With all those awesome people, we sure can give all of you awesome works! Stay tuned with all updates! xD