Desert Rainbow chapter 03 : Unforgotten Memories

The forth chapter of the trio Aine-Cleo-Tama that got stranded in a desert's story aka Desert Rainbow series has been released!

I forgot when the latest chapter released, ahahaha. Thanks to dear readers that always ask the continuation of this series, you're the power that push us to finish this comic. Alrite without further ado! Enjoy the comic! For a while it just on Indonesian language, I hope english will added soon xD

read online : http://bit.ly/16NbJDW
download link : http://bit.ly/14NwCD5


Big Updates!

We're very sorry that we rarely update our blog, we usually active in facebook and twitter that we forgot to update our blog. Now is the right time to update it with our new and fresh comic! Here we go with Liga Komikoo's series!

Let's start with April issue :

A short 4 pages story about Beethoven and how he struggle with his loss of hearing.
The judge of liga komikoo gives challenge to made a story of the legendary composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, the amazing person who shake the entire world.

Read the complete story here : http://bit.ly/13jFRpA (sorry for now it's Indonesian only)

And now to May issue :

A short 4 pages silent comic about a running girl and their chaser.
An action, fast-paced and a bit humor story is the best description for this comic. Influenced by Tamako Market anime, we tried to give a market feelings full of people. Random gag here and there, I hope you can enjoy this comic as we do! 

Read the story here : http://bit.ly/15koCWl

Next! June issue :

A short 7 pages story about a father and his son's relationship. Sometimes what we want is not what we do, and we hurt our dearest one while at the same time we tried to protect them.
A bit sad story asked by the Liga komikoo's jury, I got a lot of emotional feelings in this. Before this comic made, we at SP-Studio decide to take a break from our usual sad story, but ironically we got this task and much more irony this comic is the winner for June's challenge. I guess we can't stop the chain of tragedy? xD

Read here : http://bit.ly/12epsjO (sorry still no English for this release)

And the newest one! July issue!

Another short 6 pages silent comic about a lovely chase between a puma and a rabbit.
"Draw an animal and scenery!", that's what the jury asked us to do and even thought we never draw animals before, we tried our best shot! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Read here : http://bit.ly/14DnJon

That's it! Our complete 4 release that not published here yet.
Oh yeah, after this we gonna post our daily doodle art. In order to polish our artist's skills, we need to draw more frequently, and of course your advice and critique is a big push to achive that target

See ya in SP's daily doodle! Enjoy the comic!


Liga Komikoo Maret [Oneshot]

Good evening everyone!

Let's go check SP-Studio's newest oneshot comic here!

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?55nh8cfsv5h8j6j 
Read online : http://komikoo.com/komik/lk2013-maret-spstudio

A oneshot for liga komikoo's comic contest that held this month, the theme is to made battle sequence for 6 pages comic but I think I adding too much spice in the story and viola it's turn into that xDD
Enjoy the comic and keep support us!


Happy New Year 2013

Hi everyone!

A bit late but, happy new year!
Thanks to all of you we have a good time last year, and we aim for better works in 2013! Keep support us! 



SP Studio new series, Red Sky chapter 1 available for download and read online at komikoo now :D

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?g3ss1ga2acpxhlc
Read Online : http://www.komikoo.com/komik/rf-online-fan-comic-red-sky-chapter-01-red-call

Based on Rising Force Online game, we create another Novus war story after Desert Rainbow and Hidden Flower. Well we love that game so much so we create another story ahahahaha

English version available on monday, for now we only have Bahasa Indonesia version, please bear with us while we finish the English version xD
Thank you very much!


SP Studio New Title!

Good morning! Feels good to start the day? :D

Yesterday we have Silat comic news, and now we also have another title ready to please you!
The name is Red Sky or RS for short.

Do you remember our old Desert Rainbow? The Rising Force Online fan comic. This Red Sky is part of Desert Rainbow series, serve as side story for it. While the story and chara is not directly related with Desert Rainbow, Red Sky's timeline is not too far from Desert Rainbow and they even serve as background story for most events in Desert Rainbow story.

Curious how their story gonna be? Find out at December 7th 2012 only on SP-Studio page!


SP Studio cameback

Hello everyone, how are you today? :D

It's been a while since this blog got any updates and we have to apologize for that, recent activity hinder us to create new comic >_<
But now we're ready to bring you new comic! We're active again and this time no inactive status anymore! Stay with us as we will update our content soon, and now we present you our newest project teaser~

Please enjoy! Now is silat time!