Shrine Maiden of Illusion

Practice new drawing style and I like it, guess I will stick with this style and improve it to my best liking. The color still need more practice though, and I a bit messed up with Sanae's hair color ...

Well, I think overall they aren't that bad. I like how they turn out from my sketch ♥

Almost forgot, they are Sanae Kochiya the wind priestess and Reimu Hakurei the shrine maiden of paradise, from Touhou Project game.


Sleep in Blue

Doodle from Yumekui Merry manga and anime, part of my art trade with my friend, andrew tachibana xD

Using same drawing method with Elyssia Blackfang with a little experiment. Not that good but not that bad either :D


Letter for Today promo pic

1 and half hour doodle, pardon the poor quality, though I'm quite satisfied with the result xD

This is promotional poster for SP-Studio september comic issue, hope I can meet the deadline. Well then, until the manga released~


For Indonesian Comic

Hi there, we need some help to keep Indonesian comic growing and exist better than before.
Vote Komikoo.com at http://www.ciptamedia.org/2011/09/07/komikoo-com/

Its simple, just go to the link above and click PILIH button on the upper-left side.
For Indonesian comic, for orisinality. Thank you very much!

Desert Rainbow Chapter 3 promotional poster

Title said it all, promo pic for my manga, Desert Rainbow chapter 3 : Unforgotten Memories ... coming ... god only know when. xP

Its been awhile since I draw Cleo, and I really miss her. Also my first attempt drawing a burning fire, good experience. Oh well, enjoy this little spoiler xD


Fitrah Doodle

A Character from our (plan) new short comic.

Just want to make a rough sketch yet I ended coloring her, well for experiment this isn’t so bad. Btw this picture inspired by a comic artist named K. Jati and Dewi Dedew Rieka.


Elyssia Blackfang

A drawing request from my editor, Aurora Harbinger Fang. She asked me to draw some moe girl with Barret M95, a bullpup-bolt action variant from Barret sniper rifle, and there she is.

Mess up with the rifle, background and anatomy ... sorry for that fang xD
She is Ellysia Blackfang aka the Harbinger 2nd Wing, an original character from fang's story.

Somehow I managed to finish her pretty quick, 1 day less in total. Well, now back to other project.