We are very sorry

Aine apologize

We have received lots of mails and questions asking when we will continue our manga projects, or if we are dead, gone, disappear etc etc. Then I think its the right time to confirm our status.

First, we'd like to express our apologize towards our readers, especially Desert Rainbow series fans, that have been waiting more than 4 months for new updates. We don't have any excuse to justify our mistakes, we are really sorry.

Due some circumstances, we doing things slowly and some of you may notice in last post I said that one of our main artist away for a while. But we surely continue with our Desert Rainbow projects and will release more great comic in the future. So I hope you can be patient and stay with us.

Our schedule for now is released Red Sky in May. I hope everything doing good and so we can release it right on schedule.

SP Studio always try to give our readers the best we could, so any comments and critiques always help make us better. Thank you very much.

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