Desert Rainbow chapter 03 : Unforgotten Memories

The forth chapter of the trio Aine-Cleo-Tama that got stranded in a desert's story aka Desert Rainbow series has been released!

I forgot when the latest chapter released, ahahaha. Thanks to dear readers that always ask the continuation of this series, you're the power that push us to finish this comic. Alrite without further ado! Enjoy the comic! For a while it just on Indonesian language, I hope english will added soon xD

read online : http://bit.ly/16NbJDW
download link : http://bit.ly/14NwCD5

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  1. I have become SP studio since the 1st fan comic has been released..
    and thanks
    your story moved me, it became one of many part that change me untill the me now..
    if it's really okay, can I use your story as reference for my own imagination ?? specially "Desert Rainbow", since i like it very-very-very-very-very much XD

    ^sorry for bad english